4.26 MLB DFS Show Notes, Wednesday

I share an more organized version of my MLB DFS Podcast notes with listeners as a companion to the episode. Complete with stats, stacks and takes .

Minute by Minute Podcast Agenda

7:00- Game Breakdown

16:00: Player Breakdown

18:30: Pitcher Breakdown

  • Noah Syndergaard (late scratch)
  • Carlos Martinez
  • Johnny Cueto
  • James Paxton
  • Q/A: Dylan Bundy, Vince Velasquez

32:30: Coors Breakdown

40:00: Batter Breakdown

  • Orioles vs Alex Cobb
  • Arizona vs Trevor Cahill
  • Texas vs Hector Santiago
  • St. Louis vs Mat Latos
  • Top Pairs/Mini-Stacks
  • Lone Wolfs and One-Offs

65:00: Lineup Construction

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