DK Quickie for Friday July 14

James Pic

Howdy Lineup Logic compadres.  Some people thought it might be a good idea to give this idiot a broader outlet, so today I’m doing the first of (hopefully) a series of articles focusing mainly on the DK side of the DFS slate for the evening and try to explain it without my ADD overwhelming you.  Squirrel…. anywhoo today will be a little condensed but it will continue to grow with time.  Disclaimer: I sometimes tend to be a little risk averse and semi-chalky but the two pitchers is a great way to still differentiate lines.

Pitching: 1A Carrasco 1B Degrom.  These dudes are both legit and in great spots.  You really can’t go wrong with either just keep an eye on the weather in NY.  I’m using Carrasco as my SP1 because I love the ballpark and that the ball predominately doesn’t seem to fly in Oakland at night.  SP2 is where you find yourself more free to gain some leverage.  Paxton is great and the Chisox can swing and miss with the best of them, but it really puts a hurting on your bats to roster a top dog with a Paxton.  I’m personally stepping down to the next tier with say a Cuteo, (positive regression has to come at some time right?), or guys like Faria (probably my guy bc Cueto is still hard to trust even in perfect situation…shame) or John Gray should be decent too.  Obvs anything can be in play when it comes to GPPs but this kind of feels like a nice and happy place for me to go.

Bats: There are some underpriced guys in nice spots today guys.  However, I would be pulling a Sean and Josh if the first thing I didn’t mention was fitting in a lot of Seattle bats vs James Shields.  They are very affordable and he is very hittable.  You can stack the heck out of them, dealer’s choice.  Robbie Cano may as well have James Shields follow him around and hold his pocket tonight if you believe in BVP.  If you are in need of some salary relief, look no further than the Tigers.  Bargain bin gems.  Aaron Sanchez is not yet back to form and they are super duper cheap, I’m looking at you Miggy, Kinsler, JD, and Avila.  Buster Posey is my guy tonight. The dude is affordable and facing a lefty that doesn’t strike people out.  I hope he backs me up in my statement better than he backed up Hunter Strickland.  Other value guys I’m looking at are Matt Kemp (fits nicely if you wanna stack hotlanta) and Odoobie Herrera.

Obviously guys that are good plays in Fanduel are usually good plays on DK too so definitely use the cheat sheet on Patreon and take all those plays to heart and maybe sprinkle in some of these DK nuggets as well… or don’t.  The key to this whole fantasy game is making your own plays and standing by them.  Thank you all for bearing with me as I pop my online writing cherry and we will see if it gets any better.  Also, I promise that in the near future that I will back up these takes with more stats; scout’s honor.  Happy glory hunting and good luck.

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