7//15/17 FanDuel Pitching Picks

Good afternoon! We have a great slate ahead of us today. So many pitching staff options available with some great players at every value. Let me break that down and give you a little bit of an edge on the other degenerates. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Humpty, pronounced with a “umpty”!

Many of you may know me as my slack handle or FD handle Cubbies_DFS. Others know me as Shawn Brown. I’m a diehard DFS player that just loves digging into research to find the points and stats many players over use. I’m also the guy that will take some risks vs playing the chalk, even when playing the chalk is the best approach. I tend to get wordy at times but I’ll try to keep these takes short and sweet so you can get to the other great content on LineupLogic DFS! Feel free to give me a follow at @shawnie7662 or @Cubbies_DFS

In these articles I will give you a high, mid, and low price option. I choose 3 because I like to play 3 lineups an usually use a pitcher at every price point. So enough of my rambling. Lets get to the plays! These plays are based of FD pricing since that’s where I play the majority.

No early write up since it’s only 2 games. Everyone knows Sale will be the chalk but I think if you pivot Fulmer he is your guy. He has a 49.3% GB rate an his second lowest HR/FB of his career at 6.6%. I also think he has K upside against this lineup today. I think easy 5+ strikeouts.

Main Slate

High Price – Corey Kluber – Indians – FD $11,500
It was a easier choice tonight than I expected. Kluber is facing a Oakland team that strikes out a whooping 25% versus RHP. Add that to the fact that Kluber has double-digit strikeouts in all but 1 start this season. An has scored 55+ in 4 out of his last 5 starts.

Mad max isn’t a bad choice I just hate playing anyone at Great American Smallpark on a nice cool day like it is in Cincinnati today. And as far as Mad Bum I always wait a game or so after a DL stint.

Mid Price – Jhoulys Chacin – Padres – FD $8000
OK you may notice a trend i love strikeouts because as you know they add up quickly. And tonight Chacin gets the Giants offense that has been one of the most sluggish in the majors this year. Chacin averages 7.8 Ks a game and has a 55% GB rate in a very friendly ballpark.

Other mid price options – Dan Duffy an Felix Hernandez

Low Price – Joe Musgrove – Astros – FD $6800
I’ll keep this one short and sweet an say this is super risky but like they say no risk no reward right. Musgrove can be lights out if he is on and has some K upside tonight against a free swinging Twins squad. Also we know he will get some run support with Houston being the hottest team in the Majors right now. So if you want to go for bats a take a shot at a guy with upside Musgrove is your guy!

Good luck to you all today. Lets make some money for the Lineup Logic Crew!!

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