DK Quickie Friday 07/21/17

Happy Friday to all my Lineup Logic peeps.  Today will be pretty short and sweet.  The podcast and the cheat sheet are on point today.  (Jose Urena(s)s). I have been doing some major treasure hunting Indiana Jones style on DK for hidden gems that look pretty flippin sweet.  Full disclosure, some of these plays could end up being chalkier than the sidewalk of a daycare center by the end of the day; but are probably a necessity if you venture into cash games.

There are two things I love in this world: BBQ and cheap bats in dfs with exploitable pitchers.  Kansas City has both of these tonight.  Do yourself a favor and consider rostering some of them. Cough cough Brandon moss is heating up and batting cleanup and Torres in the two hole are both basically free.  You are welcome.  I’m on my way to getting you Scherzer Sale or Wood paired with a not terrible SP2.  The Pirates are also very reasonably priced and playing in a little place called Coors field.  It is friday night and some blue mountains sound like a fine way to celebrate.  If you guys like right handed power and some ownership leverage, the prices on some of these Oakland bats are friggin’ dreamy.  Give me some Marcus Semien and most importantly Ryon Healy batting 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Lastly, the Astros aren’t cheap. Buuuuuut if you are like me, then you have created more than enough cap space to fit them in against Ubaldo.

Pitching can a little overwhelming today with all these games and some studs, but I’m keeping it basic.  I’m paying for one of the top three guys, (all of whom don’t necessarily have the best matchups but still have safest floors) and throwing in a mid-tier guy with a ballpark advantage and or an exploitable matchup.  This list includes Jeff Smsjkdhlslssa, and Trevor Cahill, (who kind of have both) and Aaron Nola.

Well that is all I have time for today, good luck to everyone!



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