NFL Wide Receiver Preview 2017: Interview with Matt Harmon

Matt Harmon of and “quantifies the qualitative art of route-running” and talks about wide receivers to target in 2017 Fantasy Football.

Matt Harmon talks through his Reception Perception Project, how it works, why it’s relevant, and then dishes on the 2017 WRs to target in Fantasy Football.

Listen Here:

Matt describes the project in his own words here (via:

“…I believe Reception Perception helps us find answers to, and the ones I care most about understanding. The goal is to provide unique data and information about NFL Draft prospects and current pro wide receivers. I believe more information is always powerful. Reception Perception is just one evaluation tool in a litany of those available to football observers, and I’d caution readers against following the words of any analyst who believes their method is anything but just one piece of the puzzle. Yet, I do believe this particular tool is a tremendously useful one.”

For more visit and follow Matt on Twitter @mattharmon_byb

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