Pitching Thoughts 7/28

It’s a wide open night for pitching.  Ownership should be spread out, let’s take advantage.  As always, ranking out of 100 based on price and potential output.

Alex Wood v SF: (100) Wood got beat up by his former team the last time out.  He’s faced them twice, with poor results both times.  Sometimes a player sticks it to the team that traded him, others do poorly.  Maybe it’s a matter of pressing to perform.  Regardless, this should chase away some fair weather fans.  He’s also facing the Giants who strike out less than average, but they aren’t immune to Ace level pitching. A K/9 over ten is elite.

Masahiro Tanaka v TB: (95) Tanaka has turned his season around, averaging 16.4 DK points his last 10 starts.  The Rays are below average against RHP (.302 wOBA last 30 days), mostly due to their two big lefties, LoMo and Dickerson, being in slumps.  Maybe Duda brings some magic over with him on the subway, but he’s been streaky, as usual.  Since the start of his 8 game hot streak, Tanaka has 17% SwStr%.  That’s just nasty.

Dallas Keuchel @ DET: (90) What to do with Keuchel tonight?  He’s fresh off the DL, but it wasn’t an arm issue.  I don’t have much concern that he has a low pitch limit.  The games in Detroit, where the Tigers fare much better.  They also hit lefties well, but recently traded one of their power righties.  Pitching on the road has been an issue for Keuchel in the past, but not this year.  He also had solid numbers against righties to start the year.  It comes down to how much risk you want.  The ownership could be surprisingly high as well, since he’s a recognizable name.

Danny Salazar @ CWS: (85) Another all or nothing type guy.  He sucked all year, then came back from the minors with a vengeance.  The White Sox are bad against RHP, but have been better lately.  It’s windy, but left to right.  There’s just too many variables here for me tonight, but worth a stab at a GPP.

Robbie Ray @ STL: (85) Ray has stumbled out of the All-Star break, while the Cards have turned it on.  Still, Ray can post double digit Ks any time he takes the ball.  Tonight might not be that night though.

Jose Quintana @ MIL: (85) Quintana has deliver so far for his new team.  On the road in Miller stadium against a team that crushes LHP, this is a hell of a test for him.  The Brewers can go cold on random nights with their big swinging approach, so I wouldn’t say there’s no chance he performs.  It’s just risky.

Jeremy Hellickson v ATL: (80) We need a low priced dart throw tonight and I’m turning to Hellboy.  He’s been better the last month and might be auditioning for a contender with the trade dealine looming.  The Braves also have the worst wRC+ against RHP the last 30 days.  Storms are expected late so check the weather right before lock.

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