Quick Pitching Thoughts 8/3

Corey Kluber.


That’s it.


This isn’t an unfinished draft.


No really, that’s the only name I’m comfortable writing down.


Between weather, tough match ups, and hot teams the cupboard is bare.  Sometimes you just take the night off.  Sure, I’ll throw something in a low dollar tournament to see if I catch lighting in a bottle.  Other than that, just decompress and come back fresh tomorrow.


OK, you’re still reading so you must really want to play tonight.  Consider these the best of a bad batch.

Parker Bridwell v PHI: (90) The Phillies are off to a rough start on their West Coast trip having scored only a single run in two games against the Halos.  Bridwell has rounded into form through July but his price reflects it.  He’s also going to be chalky.

Eduardo Rodriguez v CWS: (85) ERod is an enigma.  Super talented, but prone to bad innings.  The White Sox waived the white flag at the trade deadline and talent in their lineup is spartan.  People may also stay away due to Chicago’s reputation vs LHP, but Rodriguez has reverse splits.  He’s worth a tourney look.

Trevor Cahill v SEA: (85) Cahill’s debut did not go as hoped for the Royals.  That came in Boston though.  Tonight he gets to pitch in the very friendly Kaufman Stadium.  The Mariners have some scary bats, but aren’t as good on the road as a whole.

Matt Boyd @ BAL: (80) Boyd’s strung together a few good starts in a row, but tonight he’s in Camden Yards against a team with some big righty bats.  This is a total dart throw.  The O’s are also hot at the moment, though they can cold random nights with plenty of Ks.

Chad Kuhl v CIN: (80) Not a ton of upside with Kuhl, but he’s useful as a solid floor play at home from time to time.  That time might be tonight and spend up on bats.

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