DK Quickie Friday Aug 4

What it do lineup logic compadres? Here are my thoughts on todays slate with a Draft Kings spin thrown in.  As always, these ideas that I’m bringing to the table should probably be used in conjunction with the Podcast, Cheat Sheet, and the nifty new Splits sheet.  I’m not going to go too much into statistics right now because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Lets get things started with pitching, as always we need two of these fellers.  I kinda see us having a 3 headed hydra of SP1A. James Paxton checks in probably as my favorite followed by Darvish and Degrom.  I think Darvish’s price and the fact that he is facing the Mets and not the Dodgers gives him a small edge.  Right after them we get into what I’m calling SP1B.  Madison gets the D-backs on the road in a great park, if he is healthy and right this elite lefty Vs. the D-backs on the road should be a lock… Your call def more of a Gpp guy, but he could get it going tonight so he warrants a look.  Peacock is probably a little too pricy on DK for me so I’ll epose myself to him more on Fanduel. (Giggety) You can always try to play two of these guys if you want but you will have to be extra thrifty with your choices of position players.

The guys I’m favoring for SP2 are Faria, Gausman (maybe more gpp than cash) Nova (keep an eye on weather) and E-Rod.  I am leaning E-Rod because the savings he brings can definitely get us more exposure to top bats.

Moving on to the Bats, here I’m going to basically Highlight some Blue Light Special guys at each position with good matchups that are too cheap and could easily be used to fit some of the big boys into your lineups.

C: Brian McCann and Jonathan Lucroy both check in at 3,100.  If Lucroy sits, Tony Wolters is 2,900.  You can do a lot worse than these guys at this price; one fits in an Astros stack and the other two are cheap Coors exposure.

1B: Speaking of the Astros who have a tasty matchup, Yuli Gurriel is 3,300… Yikes getting the Astros and Coors is going to super easy.  Also Hanley the manley Ramirez is 3,200 and facing the mediocre lefty Carlos Rodon nuff said.

2B: Unfortunately, DK got Ceasar Hernandez right (unlike Fanduel) buuuuuut they have Brad Miller Facing Woodruff from the Brew Crew at 2700, also I don’t hate Drew Robinson Vs. Bartolo for 2,500 if he cracks the lineup.

3B: Holy crapola both sites got Maikel Franco wrong, checking in at 3,800 in Coors facing a lefty.  Also a little fella by the name of Adrian Beltre is sitting right above him at 4,000 and gets Bartolo, either way two top plays as the 13th and 17th third basemen down the list.

SS: Freddie Galvis 3,700 batting probably 2nd in Coors is hard to hate, but if you don’t like him, you can always go down to Marcus Semien at 3,500 facing the Scribbler. (Bogarts is there also if you feel like getting an ulcer tonight)

OF: Andrew Benintendi (3,300) Yoenis Cespedes (3,300) Adam Jones (Has BvP 3,100) Cole Calhoun (if he cracks the line 2,700)

So in summation, you can play a lot of value guys from the Astros, Red Sox and Phillies and be able to pay up for the Rangers not named Adrian Beltre or the Rockies or whichever the heck stack you want, and still have enough for decent pitching.  Good Luck tonight my friends, I leave you with this poorly Photoshopped photo inspired by Sean and Josh on the Podcast today:IMG_0177

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