PGA DFS GPP Strategy and Lineup Review

5 figure hauls are only something a lot of DFS players dream about, but they happen every night. Lineup Logic Contributor @DonaldRemington was that guy on Sunday night when the PGA slate closed around 6pm. Now that he’s had a chance to start shopping for JetSkis, we decided to review the lineup, construction process and PGA DFS pointers.

Q: Congrats! So I guess the real question is, do you think you can spend this on just ONE bar tab?

A: If I had enough friends to ride up a bar tab that size, I probably wouldn’t have ever set that lineup. Who knows what next weekend has in store though. The thing about golf is it always ends on a Sunday and I unfortunately still had to go back to work this week.

Image uploaded from iOS (3)Q: When you look at the lineup you made, what do you think the best decision you made was?

A: In retrospect, the two best decisions were to play Zach Johnson and “Thor” Olesen. They were my two lowest owned guys (4.5% and 0.6%) and they both came in toward the top of the stat lines I looked at for the week. I also read that something like 22 of the last 25 winners of the WGC Bridgestone were past major champion winners, which led me to ZJ. Olesen and Matsuyama had crazy Sundays and things just fell into place.

Q: Every week, you have a model you update religiously. What are some relevant stats that you consider while building PGA lineups? Name one statistic that you think is MOST valuable in PGA DFS.

A: The stats I look at each week are based almost solely on the course the tournament is being played at. Having past course/tournament is super helpful and there was a ton of that last week. On a long tight course, you’re going to want to look at driving distance, driving accuracy, good drives gained etc. On a links course you want to look at stats that will show which guys can/have been able to scramble and save pars and avoid bogeys. The British Open for example, you wanted someone who with consistency, the straight ball, they guy who avoids trouble. That’s why I loved Kuchar so much that week. So long answer to a short question, I look at the course and conditions and take it from there.
Q: The WGC was a unique event, with no cut, how did you attack that difference in gamestyle? Did you build lineups differently?

A: Honestly I wasn’t really sure how this was going to affect my lineup building process. You don’t see a no cut event very often and I figured it’s going to make DFS scores higher and your average so-so lineup wasn’t going to cut it. I think the no-cut situation lends more toward GPP guys who will set a few lineups and are willing to take some risks. It’s a good feeling knowing someone like Rickie Fowler who played so-so on Thursday and Friday has a chance to make a run on the weekend without worrying about having that weekend missed-cut hole in your line.

Q: Is there are need to pivot or find unique lineups in PGA tournaments? Or are you trying to just increase upside via best golfers?

A: I think finding variation is big. Golf is a crazy game and we see these low owned low priced guys making runs every single week. If you have a technique or a model you follow, don’t be afraid to roster a guy just because his salary is low. We have seen late qualifying Amature golfers end up in the final pairing on Sunday. There’s no saying when or why it’s going to happen, but it happens. And when it does, having that cheap guy win the tournament can be huge, again especially in GPPs. If you’re chasing a big win, it’s the only way to go.

Q: When you look at the PGA Championship, how are you approaching lineup construction?

A: As I mentioned in my write up that went out today, we have a ton of stats to go off due to the PGA having a long history at Quail Hollow. I looked at more stats than usual this week and my best guess here is that a long ball hitter that knows how to get out of the inevitable trouble that they get themselves into will come out on top. Avoiding bunkers, getting sand saves, gaining strokes on the approach, making birdies, and avoiding bogey or worse. Rory is a guy who as a golf fan I am constantly rooting against. He has been heating up and looks like he’s back in form. He fits the categories, has nearly flawless course history, and will definitely make a run. Similarly to last week, as a lifelong golf fan, it’s very apparent that the “big name” guys perform at majors. It’s almost like half the events they play in throughout the season are a big warm up for the 4 majors. So I always expect your Rory’s your DJ’s and your Fowler’s of the game to put on a show. Here’s to trying to duplicate last week!

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