Run Defenses To Target in DFS

Here are my top five run defenses to target this week in DFS.

  1. Indianapolis Colts. A team totally bereft of talent and they’ll be missing two of their best players Sunday (QB Andrew Luck and CB Vontae Davis). That means they will likely fall behind and not be able to catch up. They added some faces, but it feels akin to rearranging deck chairs on a sinking ship.
  2. New Orleans Saints. Are the Saints ever going to have a not terrible defense? They seem worse every year. Losing DT Nick Fairley didn’t help.  You couldn’t pick their LBs out of a lineup, and the secondary is worse than ever having lost Delvin Breaux. Teams will look to keep that offense on the sidelines and pound the rock.
  3. San Francisco 49ers. You don’t just stop being the league’s worst run defense. Rookie Ramon Foster is turning heads, but it’s going to be a process improving this unit. The defensive line is still a huge liability.
  4. Cleveland Browns. Most of their improvements will show in the pass rush. They will still be a prime target for RBs, due both to a soft interior and a propensity to fall behind early. Guaranteed volume is DFS gold.
  5. New York Jets. Trading Sheldon Richardson was the last straw. Any hope of not being terrible this defense had just packed it’s bags and flew to Seattle. Don’t underestimate the loss of veteran LB David Harris either.  You’re looking at the front runner for 2018’s number one pick.

No Go’s for RBs

  • Seattle Seahawks. While the Legion of Boom gets all the glamour, this defense has always been a brutal match up for RBs. Add in one of the best interior lineman in the league with the Richardson trade and you can forget about it. I’ll even consider benching David Johnson against this unit.
  • Houston Texans. You better believe a Mike Vrabel coached defense is going to get after the run. They’re just too talented on the line to keep from losing one on ones and the LBs pursue like hounds.

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