Three Up, Three Down

Here’s three plays I like more than usual this week and three guys I like less in their match-up.


  1. Dalvin Cook, MIN RB. Oh man is Cook going to feast Monday night. The Saints defense might be worse than ever and that’s saying something. Cook is going to get the call often in a game Minnesota will look to control the clock in. This is also a perfect game for the Vikings revamped O-line to build cohesion.
  2. Brandon Marshall, NYG WR. I actually hope the Giants declare OBJ active prior to Sunday so the ownership on Marshall stays low. Beckham would be mostly a decoy, this is a favorite deception of NFL coaches. Marshall should have his way with a young Dallas secondary.
  3. Delanie Walker, TEN TE. Oakland has had a hard time covering TEs the last couple seasons. There’s lots of new weapons in Tennessee but they haven’t had a chance to gel with QB Marcus Mariota yet. He most definitely counts on Walker, especially in the red zone.


  1. Ty Montgomery, GB RB. The Seahawk defense can match athleticism at every position. They’re a unit who didn’t allow a single RB receiving TD last season and gave up half their rushing TDs allowed in two games (Blount and Johnson both had 3). I don’t see TyMont getting loose for much Sunday.
  2. Alshon Jeffrey, PHI WR. It’s not that I think Alshon can’t beat Josh Norman, there’s just no need to find out for the Eagles. Washington’s defense is suspect in so many other spots. The Philly secondary targets will benefit, but it’s shaping up to be a quiet day for Jeffrey.
  3. Travis Kelce, KC TE. The Patriots are solid against tight ends and Belichick is known for attacking your top option on offense. He’ll gladly say try and beat us going through Tyreek Hill. Kelce is also rehabbing a preseason knee issue.

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