Overlooked DFS Options

These are some spots that feel neglected by popular opinion, though  that won’t necessarily mean they don’t score points. I’m not building lineups around these, but it won’t be a surprise if any one goes off. If you’re looking at tournament lineups this morning and feel like you need to add some variance consider one of these. 

Dallas Cowboys offense. The Giants were a good defense last season, stout against the run and able to limit passing game’s with an improved secondary. The big three in Dallas aren’t getting much love as a result of that match up. Ezekiel Elliot and the Dallas run blocking unit are still elite, though. Zeke can take over a game. The suspension/injunction will have kept early lineup builders away as well. Dez Bryant can still beat anyone on a jump ball and it only takes one long TD to hit value. Dak should continue to do what made him so successful last season. 

Melvin Gordon. The Broncos defense generally scares people off, but they gave up a number of big days to RBs last season. Their D-line has suffered a rash of preseason injuries as well. You aren’t going to throw at their corners either. Targets might flow Gordon’s way. 

DeMarco Murray. Recall the start he had to last season, posting 20+ in his first five games on fresh legs. He’s being overlooked more because of his spot in the RB price rankings, definitely not the Raiders weak run defense. The gameplan is the same in Tennessee this season despite some new toys; run the ball and throw to backs. 

Green Bay Packers. Against the Seahawks top unit it’s understandable why people want to stay away from Aaron Rodgers and company. Rodgers is just so good at home I can see him putting together a solid day, though. If that happens it will be through the Seahawks few vulnerable spots. Tight ends have posted decent numbers against them previously so TE Marty Bennett is a gamble that could pay off. Randall Cobb could also work his crossing route magic against the interior zone defenders. There’s not likely to be much running room, so Rodgers could attempt 40+ passes. 

Cardinals defense. This unit was a top scoring defense in 2015, but was limited by injuries in 2016. They’re on the road which, isn’t ideal, but the Lions offensive line simply put, is not good. They’re starting Greg Robinson at left tackle today. The guy that washed out with the Rams and couldn’t play guard for them. That’s who this front office got to cover Matt Stafford’s  blind side. Chandler Jones is going to have half a dozen sacks today. 

Titans Defense. The Raiders offense posted some big days last season, due in part to falling behind early and often. It’s difficult to sustain that type of production in the NFL. The Titans are underrated, especially for a Dick Lebeau defense. They’re roster on PFF reads almost entirely of above average defenders. They added pieces in the secondary this off-season and have plus edge rushers in Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan. I’m using them in a few spots where I need a cheap defense.

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