Run Defenses To Target in DFS

Here are my top five run defenses to target this week in DFS.

  1. New Orleans Saints. The answer to last weeks question is yes, the Saints will always have a terrible defense. Teams will continue to keep their offense on the sidelines by running and controlling the clock. They gave up 138 yards on the ground plus 42 more yards to backs on receptions. With the lackluster performance from their WRs last week, I fully expect the Patriots to run the ball 30+ times.
  2. New York Jets. They were pounded to dust by the Bills rushing attack. Granted the Bills will run as much as any team, but that’s going to happen to them most games as they get into a trailing game flow. The Raiders top blocking unit is coming to town with a fresh Marshawn Lynch. Beastmode didn’t pop off the score sheet last week without a TD, but he looks good as ever,
  3. San Francisco 49ers. The loss of Reuben Foster let a bunch of air out from the Niners quickly deflating balloon. They weren’t as awful as I expected and actually did a solid job keeping CMC corralled. The Seahawks got nothing on the ground last week so it will be an interesting battle of who sucks less.
  4. Cleveland Browns. They were solid against one of the best backs in the league, limiting LeVeon Bell to 32 yards. My gut tells me they aren’t as good as that sounds, especially since they only faced 14 carries. The Ravens ran the ball 41 times effectively.  It’s also a Terrence West revenge game if you buy into that (he was average in two games against his old team last season).
  5. New England Patriots. Is it an overreaction? Yes. You can’t ignore how awful they looked in the opener, though (169 yards on the ground, 102 to backs through the air). The Saints also throw to their backs a bunch, so Alvin Kamara has some intrigue but Mark Ingram caught 5 for 54. Be warned Adrian Peterson’s squeaky wheel might throw a wrench into things.

No Go’s for RBs

  • Seattle Seahawks. The Packers got a touchdown against them, but only yielded 3.0 YPC. The 49ers also can’t do half the things Rodgers and company can in the passing game.

    *Edited Ramon to Reuben.

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