Secondaries To Target in DFS

Here are my top five secondaries to target this week in DFS.

  1. New Orleans Saints. They get a short week to prepare for the Patriots. This isn’t going to go well for them. The Pats are missing some WRs, but there’s plenty to like between Hogan and Cooks (revenge game!), let alone Rob Gronkowski. If the Patriot defense performs poorly again, there could be a shoot out in the Superdome.
  2. Indianapolis Colts. No Vontae Davis, no pass rush, and an offense that will keep putting them back on the field. They got chewed up by the Rams conservative attack. This week they get Cardinals and their vertical attack. The Cards aren’t the devastating offense they were three years ago, but the still take their shots.
  3. Philadelphia Eagles. Losing Ronald Darby is huge for this unit. They just don’t have an accountable corner. Tyreek Hill is one of the hardest covers in the NFL right now with his speed and versatility. Account for the need to cover Travis Kelce with their best safety Malcolm Jenkins when possible and things look bleak for the Birds.
  4. San Francisco 49ers. They’re saving grace is that you can run on them just as easily and their offense won’t keep up. I’ll target them in spots I need to but there’s less likelihood of volume against them.
  5. Cleveland Browns. It was a mixed bag from this revamped secondary against a good Steelers offense. They only gave up 3 TDs (2 were passes inside the 5) but the fifth most yards to WRs. That’ll happen against Antonio Brown. A good showing this week against the Ravens mediocre passing game would be a positive. A poor showing would be a much bigger negative though.

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