The Chalkboard Week 2 – Wide Receivers

Hey, LineupLogic listeners! I would like to welcome you to the“The Chalkboard”. In these articles I will be determining which players on Fanduel are chalky (highest ownership percentages) and trying to decide which players may go lower owned. Selecting these high-upside, lower owned players will give us an edge on the competition in GPPs.

For each option, I will give my projected ownership, why I believe they will be owned at that percentage and whether I like or dislike that player this week. Starting this week, I will also be including a 0-100 point per dollar grade to determine how much I like each option.

The Chalkboard – Wide Receivers

Chalky Options

Julio Jones ($8,800) GB @ ATL – 22.5%

Why? – High implied team total with a great matchup. He should be the highest owned receiver tomorrow.
Like/Dislike – Like – Of course I like Julio in this spot. An elite wideout with 2 TD upside in a high-scoring game. He’s my pepto bismol this week. Chalky, but leaves me feeling good.
Grade – 95/100

Brandin Cooks ($7,900) NE @ NO – 20%

Why? – The revenge narrative is real folks. Highest implied team total & Tom Brady is his QB…you do the math.
Like/Dislike – Like – Honestly, I only like him because you can’t afford to fade him this week. I’ll have him in about 5-10% of my lines, but I’m limiting my exposure because of his boom-or-bust potential.
Grade – 80/100

Amari Cooper (7,900) NYJ @ OAK – 19%

Why? – Second highest implied team total on the slate and had 13 targets in week 1. People are loving him now.
Like/Dislike – Dislike-ish – Not really feeling Cooper this week. I just feel like Oakland will get an early lead and lean on the run. Possibly even put 2nd string players in if the game gets too out of hand. Sure he could get 6 receptions for 75 yards and a TD, but I’d rather take a guy like Devante Adams or Keenan Allen with the same upside at a lower cost.
Grade – 75/100

Jordy Nelson ($8,100) GB @ ATL – 17.5%

Why? – The game is expected to be a shootout. Who doesn’t want Aaron Rodger’s favorite receiver in a game like that?
Like/Dislike – Like – Solid play. I don’t like him as much as Julio, but I can see him putting up 100 yards and 1-2 TDs.
Grade – 85/100

Pivots/Lower-Owned Options


Doug Baldwin ($7,600) SF @ SEA – 8.5%

Why? – He didn’t perform as expected last week so some people will fade him to play Cooper or Crabtree.
Grade – 90/100 – I think Baldwin ends up as one of the top 5 fantasy receivers this week. Their offense couldn’t do much last week against GB, but don’t expect the same this week. Wilson will be killing the 49ers D.

Tyrell Williams (6,300) MIA @ LAC – 3%

Why? – Keenan will be the main receiver people play from the Chargers this week. Williams will be forgotten.
Grade – 85/100 – Remember, the Chargers played against the Broncos last week.The Dolphins have a far worse secondary than the Broncos. Tyrell Williams had 6 catches of 40+ yards last season, tied for most in the NFL. I expect to see that version of him this week versus Miami, whose focus will be on stopping Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen.

Martavis Bryant ($6,200) MIN @ PIT – 3%

Why? – I don’t think people are really going to play Antonio Brown (10%), so they definitely won’t be playing Bryant.
Grade – 83/100 The hype was real for Bryant last week. I heard everybody talking about him and he ended up being owned around 10%. He definitely underperformed, but I see a bounce back this week. He’s facing a Vikings defense that allowed 5 receptions for 45 yards to Michael Thomas and 4 receptions for 53 yards to Ted Ginn. The point I am making is this. If those two guys can each get 7 fantasy points, what can 2 much much better receivers do? I don’t think they will be able to stop Pittsburg and Bryant could have an incredible game.

Kenny Stills ($5,400) MIA @ LAC – 2%

Why? – His QB is Jay Cutler. Need I say more?
Grade – 85/100 – Shout out to Mike Alexander @myidiotfantasyfriends for this pick. He mentioned on the LineupLogic livestream that Jason Verrett may not play this weekend. Sure enough he was ruled out. What does this mean? It means that the Chargers will have to rely on a 4th string CB to cover a guy who had 9 TDs last season. Not looking great for the Chargers defense.

That’s it for my week 2 Wide Receiver breakdown. Be sure to check out my QB, RB and TE “chalkboard” articles as well. Follow me on twitter @joejberg where I am open to answering any fantasy related questions you may have. Thanks for reading and let’s go out and make some money!

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