NFL Week 2 GPP Takedown Lineup Review

Lineup Logic Analysts @dfsspectre and @dfskingsguard put their heads together to edge out a Condia lineup train on Sunday, and snag first in the $15K Super Booster on Draftkings, and nearly $300 in the Fanduel Millionaire maker. Let’s break down how.

Q: First off, congratulations. Have you considered investing in something exotic? Maybe a white tiger? Or one of those water jetpack things?

First of all, I have to point out that we did not win $15,000.  It was one of those multiplier tournaments in which the top 15 each win $1,000.  Either way, it was exciting to place 1st and edge out CONDIA with what turned out to be a good lineup.  I do want a white tiger.  And a jetpack.  And preferably both, so let’s keep rolling in Week 3.


Q: So, generally speaking how do you approach NFL Sunday tournament lineups? On a high level what is your approach to each position?

At QB? At QB I generally stay pretty safe unless there’s a glaring matchup play that can free me up some salary.  I was nearly 100% Brady this past week (aside from this lineup where we agreed on the A-Rodge/Montgomery stack), as I didn’t think Brady would be terribly high-owned, and I felt very safe.  He ended up being 16.6% in the Sunday Million on FD.

AT RB? This past week I ate the chalk with Ty Montgomery because he was in such a good spot.  I LOVE good chalk.  Then I look for a less chalky RB to back it up.  I did that a lot this week with Devonta Freeman.  I knew people were sleeping on him despite his fantastic rushing matchup against the Packers.  With all of the chatter about Ty, Kareem, etc., I was confident Freeman would get snoozed on, and he was.

AT WR? Same tactic here mixing what we thought was good chalk with some snoozers like Martavis.  We thought Tyreek would be good chalk this week, but he only put up 8.9 in that lineup.  Womp.  J.J. Nelson was a play based almost entirely on John Brown sitting (with DJ already being out) and recalling the type of damage he was about to do last year while other players were injured/out.  There’s only so much they can rely on Larry.

Others? For kickers I can usually afford to just go for talent.  Same with D/ST.  At at TE I usually just go for my absolute favorite play of the week since there’s usually enough variance and differentiation to be found at RB and WR.

Q: Looking at this lineup, you didn’t have to reach for any players at ridiculous ownership, but Martavis Bryant at 3% was a huge edge, how did you arrive on him?

We noticed on PFF that he was graded around 40 after Week 1 and he was matched up with a CB graded around the same (I think it was Rhodes).  AB’s grade was better than the CB on him (I think it was Waynes), but the corner on AB was graded quite a bit better than the corner on Martavis.  We knew Martavis is far more talented than his 40 grade suggested, so we ran with it.  Now Bryant’s up to 67.8.

Q: Which play are you most proud of? Who did you think was the sharpest play here?

Probably Martavis, but we liked realizing we had enough salary left to grab Mike Evans (conveniently at 9.3%) too.


Q: Spectre, you had a nice day on Fanduel as well, what play did you like most about that lineup?

Probably snagging Devonta Freeman at 5.3% ownership.  It was a situation where I already had Ty so I wanted to avoid more chalk.  I saw his name and matchup and I was like “Wait. Why is no one talking about him?”  It’d be between that and Martavis.  I had 100% Martavis last week.

Q: When you look at this weekend, give us a name of a player you think may go overlooked by the field?

Spectre: Mike Gillislee

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