Secondaries To Target Week 3

Here are my top five secondaries to target this week.

  1. New Orleans Saints. Let’s just abbreviate target the Saints above all else to TSAE. I’m going to write that every week and could save some space. On the road this week against a Carolina unit that could use a layup, they’ll be tested by big bodies Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess. I’m slightly more interested in Funchess.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles. Already down a starting corner, they lost their first and second string safeties last week. Jalen Mills is their other starting corner. These are bad things for a defense. Odell Beckham big game alert. They may even bring Brandon Marshall back from the dead.
  3. Indianapolis Colts. Vontae Davis rushed back from injury last season and got burned. Feels like a similar situation this season. There’s still no pass rush and the offense still keeps putting them back on the field. The stoppable force faces the movable object when the Browns come to town Sunday. I’ll give the Browns a minor edge here, but it could be a sloppy affair all around.
  4. Oakland Raiders. When you give up two touchdowns to Jermaine Kearse, you go on my list. Sorry, not sorry. Their offense should continue scoring points meaning teams will throw often and expose this secondary. I like Jamison Crowder to get volume and Terrelle Pryor to get deep targets against David Amerson.
  5. Cleveland Browns. Teams haven’t needed to throw against them that much yet, but the yards per target aren’t very good. The Colts have two plus WRs in T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief, the issue is Jacoby Brissett will be throwing the ball to them. Don’t sleep on TE Jack Doyle. So far teams are having enormous success targeting TEs against the Browns.

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