Overlooked DFS Options

Here are some overlooked options if you’re trying to add a bit of variance to your lineups tomorrow. They’re not intended to be a stand alone lineup, just some low owned players in that could set your lineup apart.

Titans stack. Draftkings discounted all of the Titans this week. They’ve been a top offense, though. I’m happy using any of them against the Texans worse than advertised defense. 

Mike Gillislee RB. You need a touchdown from him to hit value, which isn’t guaranteed. He can score three in any game the Patriots decide to go with him at the goal line each tine, though. 

Jaquizz Rodgers RB. It’s his last game as the starter. As Josh Fernandez pointed out during the Lineup Show, they staff won’t be afraid to wear him out. 

Demaryius Thomas WR. The man is a model of consistency. He’s received 8, 8, and 9 targets with an aDOT of 10, 11.1, and 11.4.

Zay Jones WR, BUF. It’s been a less than ideal start for a rookie so many people were high on. Thus his current price. The things that have me interested are in his first game he had 104 air yards and last game a touchdown slipped through his hands. 

Kyle Rudolph TE. Rudolph is an elite red zone tight end. Any week he looks under owned, as he does this week, I’m going to be sure to get him in some lineups. 

Denver DEF. They’re your best chance at putting up a huge number at the defense position. 

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