Secondaries To Target Week 5

Here are my top ten secondaries to target this week. Ranked on their talent, not their opponents. New Orleans is on a bye, FYI.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (-1). This secondary has given up the most receptions and yards to opposing WRs. Their pass rush bails them out some of the time, but they’re missing key DT Fletcher Cox at the moment. The Cardinals push the ball with a vertical attack. Every WR is in play, but it could be a welcome back party for John Brown against favorite target Jalen Mills.
  2. New England Patriots (-6). Officially time to panic. They just made Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess look like studs. Having a short week to prepare for the Bucs doesn’t do them an favors.
  3. Tennessee Titans (-6). The revamped secondary is getting shredded. WR1’s are having a field day against them. Devante Parker is going off this week. Buy while you can and invest heavily in DFS.
  4. Miami Dolphins (-2). Maybe they can finally get right playing their first home game (in week 5, that should not have been allowed to happen). It’s been tough sledding so far, though. Every week a player has a shot at 20 PPR points against them. They may get a break if Mariota sits. If not, it could be ugly.
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (N). They actually managed to keep OBJ from exploding with the 15 targets he saw, though 7/90/0 isn’t a bad day. I don’t like their chances against the Patriots on a short week. The trouble is guessing which Patriot does the damage. They lean on any of their three WRs in any given game.
  6. Cleveland Browns (+3). What a solid thumping that was. The Browns allowed in state rival Cincinnati to get right in a big way. Most of the passing damage came via the tight end and backs. The Jets feature both heavily in their passing game right now. Bilal Powell isn’t likely to duplicate last weeks rushing total but his floor is solid with pass catching opportunities.
  7. Indianapolis Colts (+3). The Colts are showing well against the run and poorly against passing attacks. Teams will continue to target their secondary. The 49ers have struggled passing at times, but look for that to change this weekend.
  8. San Francisco 49ers (+1). This is a below average secondary. Teams deciding to run on them is one of the reasons they aren’t being exposed worse. The Colts have their own struggles passing at the moment, but I want some T.Y. Hilton exposure for sure.
  9. Chicago Bears (N). The cracks are staring to show in this secondary. Brand name receivers are taking them to task. On tap this week? Stefon Diggs in his WR1 solidifying season. Don’t sleep on Diggs. He was quiet last week in a tough match up but he’s going to post a juicy line in prime time.
  10. Oakland Raiders (+5). An ugly divisional game against the Broncos yielded limited passing stats. The Ravens are limping out to Oakland this weekend. Joe Flacco clearly isn’t right at the moment. There are still threats for them at WR and Flacco had shown an affinity for TE Ben Watson. The Raiders do struggle to cover TEs.

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