Secondaries To Target Week 7

Here are my top ten secondaries to target this week. Ranked on their talent, not their opponents.

  1. New England Patriots. No team has given up more yards to opposing wide receivers. Their offense is top 5 in points scored, resulting in continued exposure of this secondary. At some point Belichick will take the air out of the ball by rushing it heavily, but he hasn’t yet. This is yet another get right spot for the Falcons. People may also be off of them after last weeks let down if you care about ownership.
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Opposing WRs have had the most success against this back end per numberFire’s Brandon Gdula. They’ve been beat up and had a weird start having their week one game canceled. The Bills low output passing attack is a low bar to clear. If they don’t, time for full on panic.
  3. Tennessee Titans. The Titans secondary has given up double digit PPR points to ten WRs through six games and a top 12 WR total weeks 1-4. The offense probably puts the Browns in catch-up mode to boot. Could this be Kenny Britt week?
  4. Philadelphia Eagles. The return of Ronald Darby could boost this unit out of the bottom five. He needs to show he’s full speed first. They’re a vicious defense at every other level, especially their pass rush. That’s covered up a lot of the warts in the secondary and should continue to do so.
  5. Green Bay Packers. Pro Football Focus gives 4 of their 5 primary DBs a grade below 50 for this season. That’s an issue with the Saints high volume attack coming to town. Add in that Brett Hundley is making his first career start and it could be a messy shootout.
  6. Miami Dolphins. They were better in their lone home game two weeks ago. That should help against a weaker Jets offense.
  7. Indianapolis Colts. The Jags don’t throw much, and probably won’t have to.
  8. Oakland Raiders. TNF may be a saving grace for this unit. Kelce still goes off.
  9. San Francisco 49ers. Teams beat them on the ground more than the air.
  10. New Orleans Saints. Don’t confuse an opportunistic defense with a reliable one.

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