DFS Cheat Sheets

1.30.18: Tuesday’s NBA DFS Cheatsheet

Tuesday’s slate is shaping up to be a stars and scrubs type of night. Don’t have time to research? No problem, get our expert survey cheatsheet where we classify our favorite plays according to salary, position and game type. 

1.30.18: Tuesday’s NBA DFS CheatSheet for FanDuel, Draftkings

This cheat sheet is an expert survey via Google Docs. It's quick reference for lineup building. It suits all players, types and skills. Our player picks are broken down by position, salary, and game type. All day Sean, Ryan, Josh update and revise our picks so that, by the end of the day, our picks will reflect the latest news. THIS MEANS IT CAN CHANGE- LIVE! Our goal is to be as accurate and timely as possible. Each of us will do the best we can to revise our picks based on breaking news. This sheet also includes access to two of our core models in the NBA Worksheet- the Player Rater and Matchup Stats reference guide. Want access to every cheatsheet? Visit Patreon.com/LineupLogic



Please note! If your cheatsheet order does not process in time and you do not receive your sheet before lock. We will refund you. NO WORRIES. We’re real people.

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