Changes: Lineup Logic Podcast

You may have or may have not listened to today’s show, either way, I wanted to share a key announcement about some coming changes.

My family is moving, and June promises to be a hectic month of house closings, moving trucks and paint. Come July, I will be headed back into the classroom. As much as I love the show and community, my vocation is education and, frankly, it pays the bills and provides healthcare.
May 21st will be the final week of the Podcast, until the foreseeable future. I am humbled by the last 17 months. It’s been a grind, but was an absolute blast. I am grateful to all of you for not only listening, but choosing to participate and support the show.
That said, this WILL NOT BE THE END OF PATREON COMMUNITY. Subscribers should expect June subscriptions to be managed in precisely the same way they were managed in May. Cheatsheets and chat are still active and under the management of Ryan Morton. Ryan has been an incredible support and I am confident that he will do an amazing job.
I am happy to field any questions and will still be available for conversation and taeks as the year goes on.
Thanks for the ongoing support,

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