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Price Wars: Finding Simple Value in DraftKings & FanDuel Salary Discrepancies for NFL Week 1

Welcome in Lineup Logic! Here we have our first breakdown of salary comparisons between DraftKings and FanDuel for the upcoming Week 1 NFL slate. I plan to expand on this in weeks to come, but this should serve as a helpful tool this week to find some “hidden” value on whichever site you call home.

To break things down in the most simple way possible, you will see pricing differences shown below for QB, WR, RB, and TE. Remember – these are pretty much all-inclusive lists, and don’t necessarily mean that just because someone is priced more favorably on one site than the other, that they are a must-play or anything close to it. This tool can be helpful to steer you in the right direction, help you choose between two players at one position, and so on. In weeks to come, as more data becomes available and pricing becomes more and more accurate, this tool should only become more helpful. Keep a lookout for more sites to be added as we move forward.

Note: Higher adjusted salary differentials represent more value – these are highlighted in green. Mid-level adjusted salary differentials represent good/notable value and are highlighted in yellow. Lower differentials represent less substantial value and are highlighted in grey. 

Week 1 Quarterbacks:


Week 1 Wide Receivers:


Week 1 Running Backs:


Week 1 Tight Ends:


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