Favorite Fanduel Tournament Plays and Stacks – Week 2

Hey LineupLogic listeners!  Here are my favorite low-owned plays followed by the best stacks for Week 2. I will include my favorite chalky stacks as well as some lower-owned tournament stacks. I will also be including lineup ideas with each stack listed.


Deshaun Watson ($7,400) – I’m hoping people are scared of going to Watson after last week’s sub-par performance against the Patriots. I love his rushing upside and Will Fuller should be back which will give Watson some more options and give Hopkins a little breathing room to get open. It doesn’t hurt that he put up 34 fantasy points against the Titans last year either.

Matt Ryan ($7,100) – I want to preface this by saying that I don’t like playing Matt Ryan either. However, the Panthers defensive splits show that they allow more yards, touchdowns and a higher passer rating when they are away. Adding to that, here are Matt Ryan’s home/away splits vs the panthers: (Home: 291 yards, 1.7 touchdowns, 0.6 interceptions) (At Carolina: 252 yards, 1.4 touchdowns, 0.9 interceptions). Matt Ryan and the Falcons also averaged a lot more points per game when at Home vs Away against the Panthers (Home: 27.8 points/Away: 18.9). The Falcons have a high implied team total and given these past statistics, I think Matt Ryan makes for a very good low-owned tournament play this week with cheap stack potential.

Case Keenum ($6,700) – Keenum showed us last week that he isn’t just a one hit wonder. I know Seattle’s defense has gotten worse, but he still put up a solid fantasy performance. That brings us to this week where Keenum is going up against a Raiders team who’s coach though getting rid of Khalil Mack was a good idea. The Raiders are a mess and after seeing what Keenum can do against a decent team, I have high hopes for him this week against the disaster that is the Oakland Raiders.

Josh Allen ($6,100) – I’m not condoning using Josh Allen. But, he has rushing upside. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Running Backs

Jay Ajayi ($6,800) – The Eagles are without Darren Sproles this week. Sure, that opens up some playing time for Corey Clement, but I believe Ajayi will be the main beneficiary. He rushed for 2 touchdowns against a very good Atlanta defense last week, but now has a better opportunity against a Bucs defense that allowed the second most touchdowns to running backs last year. I don’t trust Nick Foles to put points on the board and I think the Eagles best chance of scoring comes from Ajayi.

Royce Freeman ($6,000) – Freeman looked good in his debut last week, but has some thunder stolen by Phillip Lindsay. The Broncos are expected to lead throughout this game which should make Freeman heavily utilized throughout the game to maintain time of possession for Denver. Lindsay got the TD last week, but I’d bet Freeman will have the most opportunity from the Broncos to score in a favorable matchup this week.

James White ($5,900) – We all know that White has a high ceiling every single week, but it may be higher this week due to the injury concerns New England is facing at the Running Back position. Jeremy Hill is now out for the season and both Sony Michel and Rex Burkhead are questionable. Obviously he’s an incredible value if one or both of those guys sit, but I doubt we will know until right before kickoff, so I may throw him in a couple of lineups and hope those guys sit.

Alfred Morris ($5,800) – I’m a Lions fan, so I hate to have to say this, but the Lions defense is so so so bad. They are so bad that they made Isaiah Crowell relevant in fantasy for a week. The Niners have one of the highest implied team totals of the week and I don’t think all of their touchdowns will be from Garoppolo. You could go either way, Breida or Morris, but Morris should see the goal line carries and he has a good history with HC Kyle Shanahan which I personally think is important. He’s a boom-or-bust option this week with a fairly high ceiling.

Wide Receiver

Stefon Diggs ($7,400) – I never know who to use between Thielen and Diggs, but I like Diggs this week for a couple of reasons. 1.) Diggs is projected to end the year with around the same number of targets as Thielen. Diggs received 6 to Thielen’s 12 targets last week and I think it will even out a bit more this week. 2.) Diggs has more touchdown upside and has caught a touchdown in each of his last 3 games against the Packers.

Marvin Jones Jr. ($6,800) – I’m not thrilled with this price, but the Lions will be playing from behind and Jones has proven more touchdown upside than both Golden Tate and Kenny Golladay. You can use Golladay instead, but he’s a little riskier than Jones. I need to see that the Lions are committed to giving him consistent playing time and targets before feeling comfortable locking in Golladay.

Josh Gordon ($6,300) – UPDATE: RULED OUT

The Browns will be down a lot in this game and Gordon is their most talented wide receiver. I’m counting on Tyrod Taylor targeting Gordon early and often this week as the Browns are trying to catch up to the Saints.

Dante Pettis ($4,500) – I feel like Pettis could potentially put up a dud, but he’s minimum price so I’m willing to throw him in a few lineups hoping Garoppolo targets him frequently due to the limited receiving options the Niners currently have.

Tight Ends

Jordan Reed ($6,200) – The Colts are below were average against the tight end last year and Reed can have an explosive game any week when he’s healthy. Alex Smith has shown that he loves to target tight ends and Jordan Reed has more upside than almost anybody at the position.

George Kittle ($5,600) – We have gone over how terrible the Lions are on defense and without Marquise Goodwin, Kittle should see plenty of targets come his way. Garoppolo should have a solid game and Kittle will be a big part of the Niners game plan.


Eagles D/ST ($4,400) – Most people will be all over the Rams and Chargers defenses this week and I don’t blame them, but I think the Eagles are just as good of an option. Despite what they did to the Saints last week, I don’t think the Bucs are a very good offense. Now that everybody knows Tampa Bay’s plan is, defenses can plan for it. The Eagles are still one of the best defenses in the league and had a good showing against the Falcons in week 1. With everybody focused on the Rams and Chargers, I think the Eagles will go overlooked and be a great pivot.

Best Stacks


Drew Brees ($8,800)/Alvin Kamara ($9,000)/Michael Thomas ($8,800) – This stack makes your salary a little tight, but you can do it if you have confidence in a lot of lower priced options.

Image-1 (2)


Philip Rivers ($7,400)/Melvin Gordon ($8,200)/Keenan Allen ($8,000) – I really like this stack because unlike the Saints stack, it leaves you a nice chunk of salary for your remaining players.

Image-1 (1)


Ben Roethlisberger ($7,600)/James Connor ($7,000)/Antonio Brown ($8,900) – More affordable with just as much upside as the Saints stack.

Image-1 (3)


Matt Ryan ($7,100)/Tevin Coleman ($5,900)/Julio Jones ($8,500) – I this could be a very sneaky stack in tournaments this week. It’s much cheaper and has more upside with Devonta Freeman out.


That’s it for my Week 2 tournament plays. Follow me on Twitter @joejberg for more fantasy information and feel free to hit me up with any fantasy related questions or suggestions for these articles you may have. Thank you for reading and have a fun and profit filled DFS weekend!

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