NFL DFS Strategy

Seven Up/Down


QB: Deshaun Watson. The Titans passing defense cannot be fixed overnight. Bill Belichick also may have been right to cut Malcolm Butler, whose performance was a mixed bag. Attack the Titans with QBs and WR1s until further notice.

RB: Christian McCaffrey. CMC became the go-to passing option in Carolina once Greg Olson went down last season. It ’s week 2 and we’re back there again: no Olson and a muddled wide receiver pool. I smell a shootout in Atlanta’s dome. The only safe bet outside of Cam is McCaffrey.

RB: Alfred Morris. One of the 49er backs is going off this game. Detroit’s defense is going to be bad all year. I’ll gamble on the back who saw more red zone work.

WR: DeAndre Hopkins. With one of the best possible week two matchups Nuk is my favorite play this week. Kenny Stills is a fine receiver, but he’s not on Hopkins level. If Stills can double dong vs Tennesse what can DeAndre do?

WR: Kenny Golladay. Golladay’s performance wasn’t a one-week thing. He’s the best WR on the Lions. I was higher on him than many coming into the season, so it’s possible I’m going to get some wicked whiplash from this confirmation bias. I don’t think so, though. Golladay is going to draw more and more targets from Stafford, who’s constantly in trouble and looking for an outlet.

TE: Ben Watson. Old Ben had a decent showing last week believe it or not. Tight end is one of the few positions the Bucs actually defend. The Browns do not. They were a top 3 target for me vs TEs last year. After they cut Michael “Easy-Money” Kendricks they went right back on that list.

DEF: Philadelphia Eagles. I bet on a Ryan Fitzpatrick tire fire along with much of the world last week. The Saints got no pressure on him and he went full Fitzmagic. The Eagles should be a different story with one of the best pass rushes in the league. I’ll bet against Fitz any chance I get and I’m confident I’ll come out ahead.


QB: Phillip Rivers. The week 1 stat line was nice, but if you watched Marmaduke’s play there were some bad signs. He’s never had a rocket arm and it looked weaker than ever. The Bills have solid corners. If they can force Rivers to put the game on his weak throwing shoulders it could go sideways for LA.

RB: Kenyan Drake. I’ve been poo-pooing Drake all preseason. All of those fears are coming true. He didn’t break a 30+ yard rush to buoy his stats, Frank Gore ate into his carries, and the OL looked bad. Oh, by the way, they lost LG Josh Sitton for the season.

RB: Isaiah Crowell. The Jets rushing attack isn’t this good. The Jets offense probably isn’t quite this good, either. The Crow benefited from game script and ripping off a 62-yard run. He’s still in a timeshare losing most of the passing work.

WR: T.Y. Hilton. Hilton on the road is always an easy fade. He still has a chance to break loose on a short target at any time, it’s just harder on Washington’s crap grass instead of his fast home turf.

WR: Danny Amendola. Danny-boy should have learned a lesson from Wes Welker. Once Belichick is done with you, you’re toast. He’ll pick up the short passing scraps, but not much else.

TE: Jimmy Graham. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t target tight ends, for whatever reason. We’ve learned that lesson repeatedly.

DEF: L.A. Chargers. It’s not that I think the Bills will morph into some high octane offense. Josh Allen could throw picks at a Peterman-esque rate, as well. Too many people are treating LAC’s dominance here as a given, however. At Buffalo, against an unknown rookie QB who has tons to prove looks dangerous to me. LA also looked awful vs the Chiefs who people had them walloping, too.

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